This service aims to help emerging scholars (Honours, Masters, MBAs, DBAs and PhDs) and university lecturers to produce a publishable paper in twelve (12) weeks. The academic publication program is flexible enough to accommodate busy schedules and it consists of the following:

  • Weekly meetings conducted online (WhatsApp video or skype) or at our office depending on your availability.
  • Detailed feedback with track changes on each section of the paper


The package includes:

  • A total of six (6) meetings with the coach; that is one (1) for each section of the paper
  • A total of twelve (12) critical reviews from the coach; that is two (2) for each section of the paper
  • Clear explanation of the scholarly publishing process
  • Identification of potential academic journals
  • Effective formulation of the cover letter for article
  • Adjustment of your paper to fit the template of the academic journal
  • Preparation and response to peer-reviewer’s suggestions


NB: Please note that we do not write papers for clients, but we coach them and give substantial feedback and direction.