Academic Publication


“Publish or perish” remains the ‘mantra’ in which individual academics and tertiary institutions are judged, which is a vital indicator of research performance and hence of university success. The writing retreat is delivered at a beautiful hotel where food and accommodation will be provided. This program is facilitated by academic experts specialising in different disciplines and spanned between three to six days depending on the goals and objectives of the writing retreat. The academic publication program is flexible enough to accommodate busy schedules and it provides the best conditions for productive and constructive writing away from the pressures and demands of the everyday academic life. Therefore, Osmoz Consulting strongly recommends this program to emerging and experienced researchers. Our step by step coaching program includes the following:

  • Boosting publication output of institutions because of the constant ongoing support provided by subject matter experts specialising in different academic fields.
  • Rejuvenating researchers through engaging in collaborative discussions about their scholarly work.