Because physical questionnaire delivery is expensive and time-consuming, Osmoz consulting provides CATI surveys to enable our clients to reach a large audience of respondents. The CATI system eases the data capturing process while generating the interview recordings. Both the data and the recordings are submitted to the client for further data quality control. We always meet the deadlines and guarantee a minimum of 50% successful calls. Our experienced field workers ensure thorough screening and rigorous validation of the data before delivery.


Our call centre services include the following:

  • Questionnaire review and improvement
  • Scripting of the questionnaire using CATI software
  • Conducting interviews from the database provided by your organisation
  • Provision of labelled audios recordings for all successful interviews
  • Data analysis
  • Technical and data analysis report

We specialise in:

  • Capturing data on the CATI platform
  • Making calls using CATI
  • Designing a system to trace the calls and ensure consistency throughout the data collection process.
  • Ethical considerations
  • Mock calls
  • Dealing with difficult participants


Piloting the survey
Before starting the survey, our fieldworkers review the questionnaire to ensure face validity. They also make a few preliminary calls (pilot) to identify the gaps in the questionnaire and help minimise the risk of potential errors or problems during the survey. To optimise the response rate, our fieldworkers do the following:

  • Send SMSs to inform participants to expect our call
  • Conduct interviews even on Saturdays to obtain more participants
  • Revise some questions, e.g., easing the jargon (using less-complex words).


After completing the pilot study, our fieldworkers move on to the actual data collection. Each participant is called at least three to six times before the calls are deemed unsuccessful and all calls are recorded for quality purposes. Here are some expected scenarios:

  • Successful interviews – refer to completed interviews
  • Voice mail – calls that go straight to voice mail even after three to six attempts
  • Wrong numbers – numbers wrongly assigned to participants in the database
  • Automated call drops – a call automatically drops when we call. The number probably exists, but it was disconnected from the cellular network.
  • Non-existent number – the number does not exist.

Why use Osmoz data collection service:


  • Integrity in data collection – At Osmoz consulting, we are principled and uphold high ethical, reliable and efficient research standards.
  • We adhere to all the ethical requirements stipulated in the ethical clearance certificate
  • Confidentiality – All information is kept confidential. We abide by the laws on privacy, specifically the POPI Act
  • Secured storage – All the data is securely stored in a password protected electronic files
  • Affordability- Our service is great value for money
  • Accessibility – We can get hard-to-reach target audiences
  • A quick turnaround time – we always deliver in the agreed turnaround time with the client


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