This service is designed for Masters, MBAs, DBAs and PhDs who need assistance with analysing, interpreting and reporting their quantitative data. The process is simple, you need to register and book a consultation with one of our research statistician. The consultant will assess the core elements of your research project and advice on the appropriate statistical test.


What to get from this service:

  • A thorough explanation of the data analysis process
  • Crystal clear interpretation of the data analysis results in line with research objectives and questions
  • Comprehensive and sound report
  • One (1) free consulting session on the data analysis report


NB: We do not write the result chapter for clients but we provide a detailed report.

Our experienced statisticians can also assist you with the following:

Inferential statistics:


  • Convergent and discriminant validity analysis
  • Reliability analysis
  • Pearson correlation, partial correlation
  • Multiple linear regression, hierarchical linear regression, logistic regression (Binary and Nominal regression)
  • Factor analysis (Principal component)
  • Chi-square test of independence
  • t-test; one-way ANOVA; two-way ANOVA; MANOVA; ANCOVA; MANCOVA

Descriptive Statistics:


  • Mean and standard deviation
  • Frequency and percentages
  • Median and mode
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Normality test

Other Analysis:


  • Cluster analysis
  • Decision tree analysis
  • Moderation analysis
  • Mediation analysis