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Cluster Analysis


Clustering is a machine learning technique that involves the grouping of the data points. Cluster analysis is applied when market researchers want to discover discrete groups of customers, sales transactions, or other types of behaviours. It is particularly useful for market segmentation. This course is designed for a wide-ranging audience (academic researchers, consumer Insight agencies, marketing agencies, research centres, any individual or institution involved in research). The purpose of the cluster analysis course is to equip researchers with adequate understanding of clustering techniques and interpretation of results.


After this course delegates will be able to:

  • Define cluster analysis and its roles
  • Formulate and identify research problems addressed by cluster analysis
  • Understand the principle of cluster analysis
  • Understand the selection of clustering variables
  • Distinguish the hierarchical and nonhierarchical clustering techniques
  • Validate cluster solutions
  • Interpret cluster analysis
  • Practical case study


Cluster Analysis

Course code



1.5 days

Price (for academics)

R 4 900