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Factor Analysis


Factor analysis is one of the multivariate analyses most used across all the disciplines. Factor analysis a powerful technique for analysing patterns of complex and multidimensional relationships among large number of variables. Osmoz consulting strongly recommend this course to postgraduate students and emerging researchers from all fields. One (1) case study is applied using IBM SPSS Statistic. Basic knowledge of SPSS is a prerequisite for this course.

During the course, the following aspects shall be covered:

  • Application and purpose of factor analysis
  • Difference between exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)
  • Seven stages to perform a factor analysis
  • The concept of rotation in factor analysis
  • Naming factors
  • Running factor analysis with IBM SPSS statistics
  • Interpreting and reporting factor analysis results


 Factor Analysis

Course code



1 days

Price (for academics)

R3 000 per person