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Market segmentation with decision tree


Market segmentation is critical for effective strategy development. Market segmentation through decision trees can be used for a wide range of applications including predicting customer churn, predicting the response to marketing campaigns, identify instances of potential fraud, identify opportunities for cross-sell predictions or determine the profile of high-risk clients in the financial industry. Methods such as CHAID (Chi Square Automatic Interaction Detector), Exhaustive CHAID, CRT (Classification and Regression Tree) or QUEST (Quick Unbiased Efficient Statistical Tree) enable to perform classification that predicts the outcome of interest. The model (Decision tree) works by generating highly visual outputs in the form of a tree, making it easy to explain multivariate analysis to non-technical audiences. Osmoz Consulting strongly recommend this course to all decision makers and marketing specialists. Case studies are applied using IBM SPSS Statistic or Microsoft Excel. The course is available online and on-site. Basic knowledge on SPSS or MS Excel is a prerequisite for this course.

During this course, the following aspects will be covered:

  • Principle of segmentation
  • Purpose and application of decision trees
  • Collecting data for decision tree
  • Generating decision trees using SPSS statistic or MS Excel
  • Analysing and interpreting a decision tree
  • Developing a marketing strategy based on the decision tree


Market segmentation

Course code



1 days

Price (for academics)

R 5 000