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Multidimensional scaling


Multidimensional scaling is family of data-analytic tools used to map the pattern of proximities between objects such as colours, faces, political persuasion, or any kind of real or conceptual stimuli. The purpose of multidimensional scaling is to allow market researchers or decision makers to evaluate the observed similarities or distances of investigated objects.

After this course delegates will be able to understand:

  • What Multidimensional scaling is
  • The importance of Multidimensional scaling and when to use it
  • The terminology of multidimensional scaling and how is used
  • The difference between similarity data and preference data
  • The difference between decompositional and compositional approaches
  • How to determine the comparability and number of objects
  • How to create a perceptual map
  • How to run, interpret, and report multidimensional scaling


Multidimensional scaling

Course code



1 days

Price (for academics)

R 5 500