Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo or ATLAS.ti Training


This course guides the learners through the fundamentals of using NVivo or Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis of interviews, focus group discussions or other qualitative data collection methods. The students will learn how to do the coding, classify the data, create relevant visuals, run queries and report the findings. The qualitative data analysis course can be facilitated either on the NVivo (version 11 & 12) or Atlas.ti (version 8) platform. This course is designed for all academic researchers and postgraduate students, NGOs involved in research and all research companies. The qualitative data analysis training is available in house and online.

Course Outline

  • The Art of Coding
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • NVIVO/ ATLAS.ti data analysis process (Practical case)
  • Classification and Organisation of Information
  • Running Appropriate Lexical Queries
  • Retrieving Relevant Information for the Literature Review
Nvivo or Atlas.ti Training

Course code



2 days


R 6 000

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